Vertigo Treatment

Etiology and Pathogenesis of VERTIGO

Vertigo treatment became the highest priority in the US and worldwide since the syndrome is spreading very fast and impacts more and more people every year. According to recent studies it has been found that in the United States alone Vertigo Treatmentalmost 35% of adults of 40 years or more have experienced vertigo or some other form of vestibular dysfunction. Vertigo is more a symptom than a disease or condition. It is like a sensation of movement or a spinning feeling. It is usually caused by some imbalance in the inner ear or sometimes due to problems in the brain.

One of the most effective vertigo treatments is Homeopathy.  A full individual examination and case analysis is done, including the full medical history of the patient like mental and physical constitution prior to administering homeopathic remedies. A predisposition is also considered for such chronic conditions.

We have listed out some good homeopathic remedies for vertigo treatment

  • Conium-

This remedy for vertigo treatment is especially suitable for the elderly and also for those who have overused tobacco or conditions arising from cerebral anemia. Simple movements like turning over in the bed or climbing stairs can aggravate vertigo.

  • Ambra grisea-

This homeopathic medicine for vertigo treatment also works for the elderly having nervous vertigo.

  • Gelseminum-

is a good vertigo remedy when the symptoms begin in the back of the head and spread from there. These symptoms are slightly different from the Conium symptoms. The patient could feel dizzy when gets up or move head; typical Gelseminum vertigo could often accompany with blurred vision. It gives a patient a general feeling of being drunk.

  • Cocculus Indicus-

This is a commonly prescribed homeopathic ingredient for vertigo treatment. Cocculus Indicus used when an individual feels worse while in a moving vehicle, on a boat, or airplane. That’s why Cocculus Indicus also used for motion sickness. These symptoms might be accompanied by digestive problems. Even looking at moving scenes makes you feel worse.

  • Phosphorus-

For the elderly people, Phosphor is another great vertigo treatment. It is usually taken when a patient feels like floating or whirling when getting up in the morning. Typical Phosphorus individual also craves for really cold beverages and food. The patient feels that a dark environment suits better.

  • Pulsatilla-

This is a vertigo remedy which is primarily for women. In such cases, vertigo gets worse due to delayed or suppressed menses. It also aggravates if a woman looks up. It can be accompanied by nausea or stomach and digestive problems.

  • Nux Vomica-

If an individual suffers in crowded places, then Nux is the best individually selected vertigo treatment. This condition could also lead to loss of consciousness or a feeling of being drunk. The patient feels uncomfortable in discos or places where lights bounce around. The vertigo symptoms are usually worsened in the open air, or in the morning or while smoking.

  • Iodine-

This vertigo treatment is fitting for the elderly who are victims of chronic congestive vertigo.

  • Argentum Nitricum-

When vertigo is accompanied with trembling or debility this vertigo treatment is optimum. It is also especially suitable for vertigo from diseases of the eye or brain.

The above is not a complete and comprehensive guide. There are much more good homeopathic remedies depending on the kind of symptoms you are facing. But please keep in mind that any remedy for vertigo should be taken only after taking professional advice.

Homeopathic treatment for Vertigo in Philadelphia

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