Pre-Menstrual Syndrome – PMS -Homeopathic Treatment

What is premenstrual syndrome PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome PMS is a combination of different mental and physical disturbances that occur in a woman’s body system after ovulation which is at the onset of her menstrual flow. A woman’s body undergoes certain changes before her period start, and PMS are the symptoms that come into bearing at this period.

Premenstrual Syndrome - PMS

The physical disturbances experienced vary in individuals, and these could include fatigue, bloating, acne, and change in appetite and breast tenderness. The mental stress involves depression, over sensitivity, mood swing, irritability, and crying. Every woman usually has at least two of these symptoms as noticeable signs of PMS.

What is Causing PMS?

The premenstrual syndrome usually occurs between 7 and 14 days before the period of a woman start, and this can continue all through her period. Even though the exact cause is not known, the general knowledge about the cause is assumed to be hormonal changes that go along with the menstrual cycle. Some suggest that PMS occurs as a result of alterations in sex hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Premenstrual syndrome cannot be attributed to a person’s personality neither can it be attributed to psychological stress. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is rare but is severe than PMS and is treated with antidepressants and birth control pills.

Similarities between PMS and Pregnancy

The symptoms of PMS are related to that of early pregnancy in particular women. This is not general to all women as some may share some symptoms such as breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swing and bloating which are common with a woman experiencing PMS. The way to determine either of the conditions is the arrival of the menstrual period or a positive pregnancy test.

Homeopathic Treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome

There are various Homeopathic remedies for PMS, and each is applied to individual cases of premenstrual syndrome. Enumerated below are a few of the remedies as they are not limited to the ones listed below.


Sepia is a good remedy to treat irritability in women with PMS especially few day to the commencement of the period. This irritability usually comes with the avoidance of any activity that requires exerting physical or mental effort in significant proportion. Sepia calms the mind of such a woman.


Pulsatilla is an effective remedy that is suitable for a woman with much sensitivity to changes during PMS. Such a woman get so emotional over trivial things and is visible as she cries even in public, getting relieved when offered some form of sympathy. Such a person feels good in an environment with fresh air.


Ignatia is a Homeopathic remedy that is suitable for treating depression and mood swing shown by PMS. Such a person tends to be comfortable not keeping company, preferring to be alone. Such a woman feels sad as the time for period approaches and often seen crying.


Conium is a remedy that is best for treating breast tenderness which is characterized by pain in the breast, swelling, and enlargement of the breast before period commences. Such a woman’s breast is sensitive to touch, and it gets painful and hard as a result.


Lachesis is a Homeopathic remedy that is useful for a woman experiencing pain in different parts of the body due to PMS. This pain is experienced a few days before the start of the period and stops once the period commencing. One major pain experienced is a headache, and the person feels uncomfortable in tight clothes.


Bryonia is a remedy closely related to conium as both treat breast tenderness. Bryonia treats extreme heaviness of the breast which is accompanied with pain before the commencement of the period. The breast is relieved a bit when held.

Carbo Vegetabilis and China

These two remedies are suitable for women who experience bloating especially a distended abdomen before period. Such a person experience excessive gas in the abdomen, and this leads to pain. Such a woman can experience vomiting of undigested food.


Bovista is a Homeopathic remedy for diarrhea that shows up before menses. The women may also suffer from heavy bleeding and Inter Menstrual Bleeding episodes.

It is essential to seek the service of a qualified Homeopath for a proper prescription to get the best remedy that suits your condition.

Homeopathic Treatment for PMS in Philadelphia

Doctor Tsan, Medical Director of the Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic has an extended experience in PMS treatment. He started his medical career as an OBGYN physician and during almost 40 years of his clinical practice had a lot of female patients suffered from this popular medical condition. Many women believe that PMS is a normal condition that caused by the hormonal instability during the last part of the menstrual cycle, however, this instability should not happen in a healthy woman’s body. Not only family members, but also woman herself suffer during the time of the PMS. Homeopathy is one of the best medical approaches in PMS clinic and women should not suffer every month.

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