Erectile dysfunction treatment with Homeopathic Remedies

Effectiveness of homeopathy for erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction treatment with homeopathic remedies becomes more and more popular after multiple lethal cases of Viagra and Cialis published in medical journals and media. Homeopathic medicine can deliver a substantial aid to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The Erectile Dysfunction Treatmenthomeopathic medicine for male sexual disorders finds the underlying root of the problem and offers effective treatment.

Dr. Tsan, have been healing patients with different forms of erectile disorders, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions for more than 35 years and have had a good response in most cases.

Mechanism of homeopathic treatment for ED

Homeopathic remedies work expressly well in those patients for whom the root of erectile dysfunction is mental disorders such as stress, anxiety or depression.
In cases where nerve damage has led to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, homeopathic medicine improves the nerve velocity. Unfortunately, the ED that is a side effect from some large surgical interventions may have guarded prognosis for recovery.

When erectile dysfunction is drug-induced, a homeopath may recommend alternative homeopathic remedies, which are harmless and at the same time control patients medical conditions without side effects.

And probably the most important point is that homeopathic constitutional remedies may track internal causes of ED such as overweight, diabetes, hypertension, adrenal misbalance, etc.

Traditional erectile dysfunction treatment  usually consists of the occasional use of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or some pumping devices or Penile Injection Therapy.

During the last couple of decades, a lot of consideration has been drawn to Cialis36 by the broadcasting, newspapers, and magazines notwithstanding the possibly harmful side-effects of this medicine. Cialis36 empowers erection but can result in some severe side-effects including stroke, vision problem, glaucoma, anxiety and disorientation, vertigo and more. Both Viagra and Cialis are very unsafe for patients with cardiovascular problems. The traditional pharmaceutical drugs for premature ejaculation deliver only temporary relief. This group of medicines includes desensitizing creams and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI).

Homeopathic medicine is effective for erectile dysfunction treatment while it heals the core of the problem and delivers a long-lasting cure. Also, some necessary changes in the lifestyle may relieve erectile dysfunction deprived of choosing any traditional treatment strategies mentioned above.

The early a patient starts homeopathic erectile dysfunction treatment– the better the expected result is.

Below are some homeopathic remedies that often used for Erectile Dysfunction treatment:

Agnus castus: This medicine may be beneficial if erectile dysfunction developed in men who for a long time had very extreme and recurrent sexual. A feeling of cold in the private areas is a good sign for this remedy. Men who would benefit from Agnus castus are often extremely concerned about their wellness and sexual power.  Also, an important indication for this remedy is erectile dysfunction accompanied with memory problems and inability to concentrate on a subject.

Argentum nitricum: This homeopathic medicine is beneficial for patients that report inability to hold an erection during the attempt to sexual intercourse. If these men able to start the intercourse and insert their penis – the rest of the sexual act usually happens without any problem.  Also, patients that would benefit from Argentum nitricum think about their erectile dysfunction during foreplay and it makes their ability to hold erection even worse. People who need this remedy are often nervous and imaginative. Also, the good sign for Argentum nitricum is if individual reporting craving to either salt and / or sweets.

Caladium: This homeopathic medicine is supportive for men who reports that their privates are totally lifeless, regardless of getting sexual excitement. Very often nocturnal ejaculations may happen in these men without an erection. It happens even if they don’t have any sexual dreams. And finally, these men often experience a tobacco craving.

Causticum: The main symptom for this homeopathic remedy is a reduction of the physical sexual pleasure as well as a reduction in sexual urges. These men always feel exhausted and fragile, and often report a loss of memory, with a compulsive necessity to control different things. For example, these men are checking if the door is locked 5-6 times during one hour. These patients may have prostate illnesses associated with the inability to hold urine during a cough or sneezing.

Lycopodium: Patients whose condition requires Lycopodium usually suffer from erections dysfunction because they are worry about the future sexual intercourse and don’t get enough erection as a result. Many men who are prescribed this medication also suffer from insufficient memory capability and lack of self-confidence. Digestive disorders  (gas and bloating) also often accompanying this form of ED.

Selenium metallicum: Selenium is a real microelement. Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Selenium is 55 mcg per day and Selenium is widely spread in nature. Selenium metallicum is beneficial for patients whose erectile dysfunction started after some kind of exhausting disease with a high fever. Body and / or eyebrows hair loss is a very important symptom that usually helps me to make a decision in favor of Selenium metallicum.

Staphysagria: this medicine made from the seeds of beautiful purple-blue flowers known in biology as Delphinium Staphysagria. This herb is also known as a poison that was commonly used to kill insects. As a result of the homeopathic preparation, this remedy becomes 100% safe and extremely powerful.

This homeopathic remedy usually indicated for patients with the history of any kind of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, etc.). These men are gentle, silent and emotional. They may become angry at some point, but then they always regret their behavior. Staphysagria patients usually have a history of intense masturbation.  

Other homeopathic drugs that used to heal erectile dysfunction are:

  • Conium,
  • Cinchona,
  • Acidum Picricum aka Picric Acid,
  • Strychninum,
  • Phosphorus Acid,
  • Yohibinum,
  • Kalium Bromatum aka Potassium Brom ,
  • Arnica Montana,
  • Baryta Carbonica,
  • Nux Vomica.

 Opposite to pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic remedies are absolutely harmless even during pregnancy and for all ages. The range of beneficial use of homeopathic medicine is wide and includes virtually all known illnesses. Experienced homeopaths successfully treat internal diseases, emotional disorders, traumas, including strains, sprains and even bones fractures, as well as parasites, bacteria and yeast infection and some forms of tumors.

Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic, directed by Victor Tsan, MD delivers highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction using natural homeopathic remedies in conjunction with acupuncture and clinical hypnotherapy.

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